Tzav Give an Order Lev 6:1-8:36/Jer 7:21-8:3/Mark 12:28-34;Romans 12:1,2/1 Cor 10:14-23


LoveRomans 12:2 - Renewing of Your Mind - Bible Verses To GoYour Neighbor AS Yourself

What’s love got to do with it?

It’s all about love…

Let’s talk about love…

Many children grow up in homes that were not loving or kind, they were not taught that they were valuable and worthy of love. Some were even taught that they were worthless and would never amount to anything. Shame is their only companion.

Maybe you can relate. Hopefully not.

Maybe, like me, your mind needs renewing! It took many years for those snakeskin lies to be shed off me! I did not think I would ever be able to get over the shame, pain, and self-hatred I had deep in my heart for myself. The self-destructive behaviors were so ingrained that it took having demons cast out before I could come to the truth about who I was and how much He loves me and even wants me in His kingdom! Halleluyah!

He wants you to be there too!!!! He wants you to be free too!!! To love! To embrace who you are and how He made you! (You may want to tune into Healing for the Nations with A Modern Day Samaritan Woman to hear some powerful testimonies!)

This week’s Torah portion is more sacrifice to Yah. All sorts of various kinds of sacrifices. As I read the book of Leviticus I try to envision how bloody and smelly it must have been. Can you imagine every day, this is your duty as a priest? Or, if you sin, this is your duty, to produce something to offer up to Yah depending on the sin. Now, I am not an expert bible student here and this is not a bible study, but this is serious business!

And, so is sin…serious business, so much so that Yahshua came to die for us…for you, for me…

and that goes back to our view of ourselves…worthless, shameful, unloveable…

That can translate into being unloving toward not just ourselves by self-abuse, but on to others in verbal and emotional attacks. Passive-aggressive behaviors. Addictions, resentments, bitterness, etc.

We are preparing for Passover. This requires a throughout house cleaning, seeking out those crumbs of leaven in the cupboards, in the nooks and crannies of our sofas…but, what about the nooks and crannies of our hearts? Those sins that so easily beset us? Hmmm, am I that only one that struggles with fleshly outbursts of various sorts that would be displeasing to The Master?

So come with me as I share some recovery commentary from The Life Recovery Bible. This week we are focusing on the haftarah and b’rit hadashah.



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