Parasha 15 Bo (Go) Exodus 10:1-13:16/Jeremiah 46:13-28/Luke 2:22-24; John 19:31-37;Acts 13:16-17;Revelation 8:6-9;16:1-21

Welcome to Shedding Shake Skins. As we meditate on this week’s Torah Portion, “Bo” may we each ask Yah what needs to be shed this week in our character. Is it stubbornness like Pharoah? Unbelief, doubt, fear, disobedience? Remember, we on on this journey together, we all have areas of weaknesses and we all have areas of strength. We all have things that we need to surrender in order for Him to shed those ugly layers of encombering snake skins off us so that we can walk in freedom!





Parasha Bo (Come!): The Angel of Death Passed Over ...

Troubled days lie behind us and troubled days are here and very troubled days lie ahead of us.

We are entering into a new season, with a new leader. Nations are angry. Americans are divided as in the Civil War. Our country is over, the country as we have known it is over. It will never again return to its former glory. Judgment lies ahead.

We look forward to another Exodus. The God that rescued the Hebrews has not changed. He will rescue His people again…

I hope you enjoy this week’s Torah Portion commentary taken from The Life Recovery Bible. Shalom

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