Parashah 13 Sh’mot Names/Exodus 1:1-6:1/Haftarah Jeremiah 1:1-2:3/ B’rit Hadashah Acts portions

Exodus 4:10-12 | Spiritual growth, Bible study, Spirituality


Life hurts. For too many people. Addictions to alcohol, street drugs, prescription drugs, sex, porn, gambling, food, religion, electronics have reached an all-time high…many are grasping for power, and control in reacting to our world that is out of our control, Many are sensing their powerlessness growing daily. Domestic abuse has skyrocketed at an alarming rate along with suicides…

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This weeks Torah portion is all about the cries of Yah’s people, enslaved, held captive by an evil dictator/pharoh…a pagan world with many idols, many god’s and the occult…it’s about murder, betrayal, feeling incompetent when called to a mighty task and pleading for someone else to go instead. A story of a community in the grip of fear,, people that once were so content and well taken care of, suddenly caught in a web of mystery…

Who is “I am”  and who is Moses?

After all, isn’t he just an ordinary Hebrew man?

This week we are going to continue to hear commentary from The Life Recovery Bible. On this leg of our important journey out of Egypt toward the Promised Land, we will see if there is another of snake skins needing to be shed in way of an attitude, belief system, doubt, and fear…

…listen, do you hear your own cries to the Great I am that I am? Can you hear the groans of the people? From the alcoholic on skid row, the addict in the back alley, from the women entrapped in toxic marriages, trapped in the sex trade, children powerless over decisions of adults that do not have their welfare in consideration.

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