Psalm 91:13
You will tread on the lion and cobra; you will trample the young lion and serpent.

Luke 10:19

Behold, I have given you authority to tread on snakes and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy. Nothing will harm you.

Ezekiel 2:6
And thou, son of man, be not afraid of them, neither be afraid of their words, though briers and thorns be with thee, and thou dost dwell among scorpions: be not afraid of their words, nor be dismayed at their looks, though they be a rebellious house.

This morning, as I felt impressed to be on my face before The Holy One, I pleaded with  Him to remove from me all the works of the flesh:  gossip, envy, jealousy, covetousness, unbelief, sloth, evil eye, contemptuous attitudes,  bitterness, resentment, anything and all things that keep me from dying to self and hindering Him from using me to be a light in this dark world.  I laid prostrate before Him…humbling myself before my Maker I heard him speak…

The word dare came…”dare to walk on snakes and scorpions, dare to get out of the boat and walk on water, dare to be different than others…

I will leave you with the following to ponder, meditate on and pray about…pray for me and I will pray for you dear soldier! Shalom…


 1869. darak 
Strong’s Concordance
darak: to tread, march

Original Word: דָּרַךְ
Part of Speech: Verb
Transliteration: darak
Phonetic Spelling: (daw-rak’)
Definition: to tread, march

NAS Exhaustive Concordance

Word Origin
a prim. root
to tread, march
NASB Translation
aimed (1), aims (1), archers* (1), bend (6), bends his bend (1), bent (6), come (1), guide (1), lead (1), leads (2), led (2), march (1), set foot (2), shot (1), stamped firm (1), trampled (1), tramples (2), tramples down (1), tread (8), treader (1), treader treads (1), treading (1), treads (5), trod (3), trod them down (1), trodden (4), walk (3), wielding (1).


דָּרַךְ verb tread, march (Aramaic דְּרַךְ; Late Hebrew Hiph`il lead, conduct; Arabic IV.  reach, overtake; Ethiopic  be rough, serve (from calcavit, Di);  threshold, vestibule) —Qal Perfect3masculine singular דָּרַךְ Numbers 24:17 6t.; 3 feminine singular דָּֽרְכָה Joshua 14:9; 2masculine singular דָּרַכְתָּ Habakkuk 3:15; 1singular דָּרַכְתִּי Isaiah 63:3Zechariah 9:13; plural דָּֽרְכוּ Job 22:15 3t.; Imperfect3masculine singular יִדְרֹךְ Micah 5:4 6t. + ידרך Jeremiah 51:3 (כתיב ולא קוי); 3 feminine singular תִּדְרֹךְ Deuteronomy 11:24Joshua 1:3; 2masculine singular תִּדְרֹךְ Deuteronomy 33:29 2t.; 2 feminine singular תִּדְרְכִי Judges 5:21; 1singular suffix וְאֶדְרְכֵם Isaiah 63:3; 3masculine plural יִדְרְכוּ 1 Samuel 5:5יִדְרְכוּן Psalm 11:2וַיִּדְרְכוּ Judges 9:27; 2masculine plural תִּדְרְכוּ Deuteronomy 11:25Participle active דֹּרֵךְ Amos 4:13 5t.; דּוֺרֵךְ Job 9:8דֹּרְכִים Jeremiah 25:30Nehemiah 13:15דֹּרְכֵי Jeremiah 46:9 5t.; passive feminine דְּרוּכָה Isaiah 21:15דְּרֻכוֺת Isaiah 5:28; —

1 tread, march, march forth, absolute, תִּדְרְכִי נַפְשִׁי עֹז Judges 5:21; compare דָּרַךְ כּוֺכָב מִיַּעֲקֹב Numbers 24:17 (poem) a star hath marched forth from Jacob.

2 tread upon (land), followed by בְּ Deuteronomy 1:36Deuteronomy 11:25 (subject person), Joshua 14:9 (subject רֶגֶל) compare Deuteronomy 11:24 = Joshua 1:3 (subject כַּף רַגְלְכֶם); tread in a path, followed by בְּ Isaiah 59:8 (figurative of mode of life); tread in (on) the sea, followed by בְּ Habakkuk 3:15 (but text dubious compare VB); of an invader יִדְרֹךְ בְּאַרְמְנוֺתֵינוּ Micah 5:4 (“” יָבוֺא בְּאַרְצֵנוּ); בִּגְבולֵינוּ ׳יִד Micah 5:5 (“” id.); followed by עַל 1 Samuel 5:5 (עַלמִֿפְתַּן דָּגוֺן); Psalm 91:3 (עַלשַֿׁחַל וָפֶתֶן); especially (poetry) עַלבָּֿמֳו֯תֵי אֶרֶץ Micah 1:3, of ׳י, so Amos 4:13, & (עַלבָּֿמֳתֵי יָ֑םJob 9:8; of Israel treading on heights of enemies, i.e. subduing them Deuteronomy 33:29. Once followed by accusative (אֲשֶׁר reference אֹרַחJob 22:15. In technical senses

3 tread wine- (or oil-) press, followed by accusative יְקָבִים Job 24:11 (“” יַצְהִירוּ), גִּתּוֺת Nehemiah 13:15; followed by accusative of thing pressed עֲנָבִים ׳ד Amos 9:13; also of product תִּדְרֹךְזַֿיִת ֗֗֗ וְתִירוֺשׁ Micah 6:15יַיִן בַּיְקָבִים לֹא יִדְרֹךְ הַדֹּרֵךְ Isaiah 16:10; followed by בְּגַת Isaiah 63:2 (in simile); absolute Jeremiah 25:30 (simile) Jeremiah 48:33; figurative of judgment Isaiah 63:3 followed by accusative מּוּרָה winepress, subject ׳י, compare Isaiah 63:3 וְאֶדְרְכֵם בְּאַמִּי (“” רמס), i.e. tread them down; so גַּת דָּרַךְ אֲדֹנָי לִבְתוּלַת בַּתיְֿהוּדָהLamentations 1:15.

4 tread (i.e. bend) the bow, followed by accusative קֶשֶׁת Jeremiah 51:8 (אֶליִֿדְרֹךְ יד֯רך הַדֹּרֵךְ קַשְׁתּוֺ); figurative of assaults of wicked Psalm 11:2Psalm 37:14, of judgments of ׳י Psalm 7:18Lamentations 2:4Lamentations 3:12; also figurative of Judah as bow in hand of ׳יכִּי דָרַכְתִּי לִי יְהוּדָה Zechariah 9:13 (“” קֶשֶׁת מִלֵּאתִי אֶפְרַיִם); twice in like meaning with object חֵץ arrow Psalm 58:8 (but on text compare Checritical note.) Psalm 64:4דֹּרְכֵי קֶשֶׁת = bow-benders, archers Jeremiah 50:14,291 Chronicles 5:181 Chronicles 8:40; 2Chron 14:7; קֶשֶׁת דְּרוּכָה bent bow Isaiah 21:15קַשְׁתֹֿתָיו דְּרֻכוֺת Isaiah 5:28.

Hiph`il Perfect וְהִדְרִיךְ Isaiah 11:15; suffix הִדְרִיכָהּ Jeremiah 51:33 (where many Infinitive construct) compare RSJ Ph xvi. (1888) 72; 1 singular suffix הִדְרַכְתִּיךָ Proverbs 4:11; 3plural suffix הִדְרִיכֻ֑הוּ Judges 20:43הִדְרִיכוּהוּ Job 28:8Imperfect יַדְרֵךְ Psalm 25:9, suffix יַדְרִכֵנִי Habakkuk 3:19וַיַּדְרִיכֵם Psalm 107:7; 1singular suffix אַדְרִיכֵם Isaiah 42:16וַיַּדְרְכוּ Jeremiah 9:2 (compare Ges§ 53, 3, R 4); Imperative masculine singular suffix הַדְרִיכֵנִי Psalm 25:5Psalm 119:35Infinitive construct see above; Participle suffix מַדְרִיכְךָ Isaiah 48:17; —

1 tread, tread down, of treading down enemy in battle Judges 20:43; of treading a path Job 28:8; levelling threshing-floor Jeremiah 51:33 (all followed by suffix).

2 tread (bend) the bow (= Qal 4), only figurative וַיַּדְרְכוּ אֶתלְֿשׁוֺנָם קַשְׁתָּם שֶׁקֶר Jeremiah 9:2 and they have bent their tongue as their bow in falsehood.

3 causative, cause to tread or march, lead, returning exiles Isaiah 11:15 (subject ׳י; no object expressed); compare וַיַּדְרִיכֵם בְּדֶרֶךְ יְשָׁרָה Psalm 107:7 and he led them in a straight way; see also Isaiah 42:16 (“” הוֺלִיךְ); with a moral application הִדְרַכְתִּיךָ בְּמַעְגְּלֵייֿשֶׁר Proverbs 4:11; compare Psalm 119:35 הַדְרִיכֵנִי בִּנְתִיב מִצְוֺתֶיךָ lead me in the path of thy commandmentsPsalm 25:5 בַּאֲמִתֶּ֑ךָ “” (לַמְּדֵנִיׅ compare Psalm 25:9 יְלַמֵּד דַּרְכּוֺ) בַּמִּשְׁמָּטIsaiah 48:17 בְּדֶרֶךְ תֵּלֵךְ “” (לְהוֺעִל מְלַמֶּדְךָׅ; once of giving security & triumph עַלבָּֿמוֺתַי יַדְרִכֵנִי Habakkuk 3:19 upon mine heights he maketh me tread (compare Qal 2).

Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance

archer, bend, come, draw, go over, guide, lead forth, thresh,A primitive root; to tread; by implication, to walk; also to string a bow (by treading on it in bending) — archer, bend, come, draw, go (over), guide, lead (forth), thresh, tread (down), walk.

BESHALACH TORAH : EXODUS 13:17-17:16| PROPHETS : JUDGES 4:4-5:31| GOSPEL : MATT 14:22-33

Ever been caught between a rock and a hard place? Ever been backed into a corner with no escape? Ever feel like you are doomed?

Have you ever felt that the only way out was to do someone bodily harm? Have you ever felt the adrenaline rush of fight, flight, freeze, or fawn?

Has Yah ever put you in the position of leadership because there was no one else that would step up or had by way of their own failures disqualified themselves leaving you the best qualified!

If He has called you to get out of the boat and walk on water, would you sink or walk? Is your faith that of a water walking warrior?

This week’s Torah portion has some really deep, thought-provoking principles…soul examining questions and fact-checking realities of where we are in our journey out of Babylon.

With the political heat, threats of being swept away to a detainment camp for not bowing to the beast system’s wishes, one must search one’s faith level and ask some very hard questions.

Due to my traveling, there will not be an audio message. However, I am confident that the following article and the previous questions will be impactful! Shalom til next week!


Deborah, Esther, and Huldah: Three Jewish Prophets Who Spoke Up and Made a Difference

Parasha 15 Bo (Go) Exodus 10:1-13:16/Jeremiah 46:13-28/Luke 2:22-24; John 19:31-37;Acts 13:16-17;Revelation 8:6-9;16:1-21

Welcome to Shedding Shake Skins. As we meditate on this week’s Torah Portion, “Bo” may we each ask Yah what needs to be shed this week in our character. Is it stubbornness like Pharoah? Unbelief, doubt, fear, disobedience? Remember, we on on this journey together, we all have areas of weaknesses and we all have areas of strength. We all have things that we need to surrender in order for Him to shed those ugly layers of encombering snake skins off us so that we can walk in freedom!





Parasha Bo (Come!): The Angel of Death Passed Over ...

Troubled days lie behind us and troubled days are here and very troubled days lie ahead of us.

We are entering into a new season, with a new leader. Nations are angry. Americans are divided as in the Civil War. Our country is over, the country as we have known it is over. It will never again return to its former glory. Judgment lies ahead.

We look forward to another Exodus. The God that rescued the Hebrews has not changed. He will rescue His people again…

I hope you enjoy this week’s Torah Portion commentary taken from The Life Recovery Bible. Shalom

Parashah 14 Va’era (I appeared) Exodus 6:2-9:35/Ezekiel 28:25-29:21/Romans 9:14-17, 2 Cor. 6:14-7:1

I Have Heard The Groaning of My People

February 19th: Bible Meditation for Exodus 2 | Free Daily Bible Study

Witchcraft, divination, sorcery, the occult. Upon reading the account of the tribes of Israel’s beginnings in the book of Exodus,  one can surmise the deeper hidden mysteries. Some of these mysteries are, in my opinion,  what their “norm” was.  Slaves in bondage, oppressed by cruel taskmasters and feeling hopeless with no way out. (Much more mystery lies ahead of us in the upcoming chapters in our story, but, let’s stay on track…)

That certainly was not the “norm” in The Beginning. Quite the opposite actually.

As Yah leads His people out of modern-day Babylonian/Egyptian, many are awakening to what we are surrounded by…Today’s “norms”…witchcraft, the occult, transgender, paganism, child sacrifice to just name a few abominations.

Truly, there really isn’t anything new under the sun!

My own story of being led out of personal bondage is a lengthy one, so, I will only share briefly.  I was married to a pharmacist. Shortly after moving into my new home, along with my beloved Jack Russell Terrier named Jack,  we both sensed that there was a dark presence in our new abode.

All was not well.  Creepy music flowed upstairs at night (if you have ever watched the Hollywood movie called The Shining, it was that kind of music). Jack seemed to see and hear things I could not. He took shelter in his safe place, his kennel, on occasions. Before fleeing, he would look at me with a strange look on his brown fur face as if he waited for me to protect him.  On several occasions, I heard breathing next to me. Visiting with my mother-in-law in her duplex home next to ours, we, together, witnessed the same activity in her section of the house. She would say nonchalantly “it’s the spooks, it’s the spooks!”

Whatever that thing was, it imitated my voice, causing others to hear me say things I never said. This created many problems in the marriage. There were many other things that occurred in that home.

I cried out to Yah to rescue me from the abuse that took place in that home with this man that saw hooded creatures and “gremlins”.

Suffice to say, that these were the “norms” for my new family. I share that to show you that being brought up around these activities desensitizes one to evil. I believe that this may have been the case with those living in Goshen, surrounded by the Egyptian culture with its occult symbolism and occultic powers.

As with a domestic violence victim. Growing up in that environment one becomes desensitized to it. It is the norm. Dysfunction is the norm. One grows up a victim or victimizer. To leave and never come back takes great courage and a lot of help. The Israelites, after being led out of bondage, wanted to return, just like a victim who wants to go back due to the good memories and forgetting the reality of the trauma. But, again, I am getting ahead of the story!

When I cried out for deliverance from destructive marriages, He heard my cry. Many times I went back to what was familiar, which is the norm. Statistics show that a woman leaves on average seven times before she is ready to leave and never look back…there is a variety of reasons women return. Mainly it is due to finances and the children.

The Israelites wanted to return, but we are jumping ahead of the story!

The focus of this week’s story and blog is this…He heard their cries and sent a deliverer. He hears our cries and He sends a Deliverer!

Whatever your situation, know that He hears you! He hears the cry of the hopeless dope fiend, the prostitute, the homosexual/transgender, the drunk, the housewife in bondage to a harsh taskmaster…

The Tribes are awakening and He is about to do a new thing…He is about to deliver His people again…for the last time! The Father is about to send The Deliverer to break Pharoh’s back and that vast army is about to be overrun by His army led by the Host of Heaven, the Host of the Armies of Heaven…

Look up, for your redemption draws nigh!

Parashah 13 Sh’mot Names/Exodus 1:1-6:1/Haftarah Jeremiah 1:1-2:3/ B’rit Hadashah Acts portions

Exodus 4:10-12 | Spiritual growth, Bible study, Spirituality


Life hurts. For too many people. Addictions to alcohol, street drugs, prescription drugs, sex, porn, gambling, food, religion, electronics have reached an all-time high…many are grasping for power, and control in reacting to our world that is out of our control, Many are sensing their powerlessness growing daily. Domestic abuse has skyrocketed at an alarming rate along with suicides…

Stop The World Wallpaper by EmoNightEmoDay on DeviantArt

This weeks Torah portion is all about the cries of Yah’s people, enslaved, held captive by an evil dictator/pharoh…a pagan world with many idols, many god’s and the occult…it’s about murder, betrayal, feeling incompetent when called to a mighty task and pleading for someone else to go instead. A story of a community in the grip of fear,, people that once were so content and well taken care of, suddenly caught in a web of mystery…

Who is “I am”  and who is Moses?

After all, isn’t he just an ordinary Hebrew man?

This week we are going to continue to hear commentary from The Life Recovery Bible. On this leg of our important journey out of Egypt toward the Promised Land, we will see if there is another of snake skins needing to be shed in way of an attitude, belief system, doubt, and fear…

…listen, do you hear your own cries to the Great I am that I am? Can you hear the groans of the people? From the alcoholic on skid row, the addict in the back alley, from the women entrapped in toxic marriages, trapped in the sex trade, children powerless over decisions of adults that do not have their welfare in consideration.