Leaving My Father’s House

Reading the Torah portions Lekh Lekha, along with the Torah portion after that, Vayera, I ponder my own journey away from my earthly father’s home. The fear of remaining stuck under that oppressive atmosphere along with fear of the unknown created turmoil within my soul The Father beckoned me to leave all that I had grown accustomed to in order to follow His ways and His path

Releasing all that I learned under his tutorage and grasping His tutorage, freedom ensued. It took supernatural faith to continue to walk out of the dark pit of deceptions that plagued the generations before me…alcoholism, domestic abuse, religious spirits along with a host of other maladies the plagued my family tree…faith in Yeshua’s sacrifice kept me reaching out to His hand to guide me in The Way…

One of the great challenges was to embrace Torah…instructions in Hebrew…and leave man-made religious institutions…to leave the traditions of man, to leave my mother’s faith (in which I returned to when He delivered me from the lifestyle of an addict.)  I was to embrace Him and His ways.

The journey to the heart of The Father requires leaving both our earthly father and mothers’ house if it is built on faulty foundations of deception…

The Father is calling, do you hear His voice? Do you dare shema? Do you dare leave all that you have ever known in order to embrace His kingdom’s ways?


Leaving Home Photograph by Lee Avison

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